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The Simpsons didn’t predict the future… They were warning us

What if all along the future has been planned for us? Our paths aren’t a result of how we react to situations as we are always falling back into the routine that’s been set for us. There’s people with the wealth and the knowledge but aren’t subject to reveal that they know of these plans. Unless they are subliminally predicting and warning the public through popular media outlets, such as the greatest cartoon of all time “The Simpsons”.

The Simpsons have been running on our screens for over 25 years now and in their time our favourite yellow family have predicted the future several times. That surely cannot be fucking coincidence? Either creator Matt Greoning is the mastermind behind all the fucking madness that goes on in this world or he is aware of what and who plan the tragedies that have been displayed in his cartoons. Either way they cannot be ignored. Warning signs were there, and still may continue in episodes to come.

Perfect examples include the Ebola Virus pandemic, 9/11 Attack and America taking war to Syria are just naming a few of somewhat freaky coincidences that happened years later in real life!

 There’s plenty of articles that can prove these claims but 99% of them are referring to them as predictions. The purpose of this writing is that I’m implying that The Simpsons were trying to warn the public. Whether it being Greoning, George Bush, S Club 7 or fucking Oprah, someone knew that these events would one day take place being planned on the calendar for years. The best outlet to warn us was through The Simpsons. Genius really! 
drawing credit of Bart Simpson:


We Invaded the Dinosaurs

The greatest beings of their time, the dominant species on Earth, Dinosaurs are fucking cool no matter what. What actually happened and led to the unravelling of their existence? Most people are led to believe a massive fuck off astroid crashed through the atmosphere, smashed into Earth, created the GREAT EXTINCTION ( K-Pg) and the Dinosaurs all starved to death and or got blown to bits… Ok.

Nearly every species perished in the proposed (by some smart science guys) K–Pg extinction. The most well-known victims are our heroes, the dinosaurs. The extinction also destroyed a plethora of other terrestrial organisms, including but not limited to certain mammals, pterosaurs, birds, lizards, insects, and plants. In our oceans, the K–Pg extinction devastated the giant marine lizards (Mosasauridae), plesiosaurs, fish, sharks, mollusks (especially ammonites) and many species of plankton. It is estimated that 75% or more of all species on Earth just simply vanished. Yet the devastation caused by the extinction also provided apparent evolutionary opportunities. In the wake of the extinction, many groups underwent remarkable adaptive radiations — a sudden and prolific divergence into new forms and mutant species within the disrupted and emptied ecological niches resulting from the event. Mammals in particular diversified in producing new forms such as horses, whales, bats, and primates… Seems like this natural event really did fuck everyone over. Seems too logical to me…

A big space rock labelled the size of the US state of Texas blew up and froze the Dinosaurs, therefore leading to the Great Extinction and an end of their colossal dynasty? I’d like to propose my thoughts and theory that I’ve been stewing up since I was a boy.

War of the worlds, what a great movie, Tom Cruise Oscar worthy. A movie about a more advanced and intelligent species attempting to invade our world. We’ve all seen invasions in movies etc but whats to say we are not even from this planet?

Some 200 odd million years ago (231.4 to be exact) during the Triassic period, our beautiful friends the dinosaurs first appeared. They were the dominant species roaming the planet for an innings of 135 million years. Lasted the entirety of the Jurassic period, then got bowled all out around 66 million years ago ending the Cretaceous period. These guys were truly unique, incredible to think about it really. Over 1000 species of dinosaur bones and or fossils have been discovered. To put that in perspective of humans, our species don’t stand a chance. A massive astronomical event crashed into the Earth and smash these guys apart? Or is this what we’ve been taught to hide that we, human beings, in fact sent the gigantic rock at a propelling gazillion kilometres an hour to kill the biggest threat and all species to eventually in-habit a capable and sustainable planet. It all makes perfect sense really. Look at the way the our fate for Earth has been projected. Apparently we are running this bad boy to the ground, only for in a couple more billion years we will go and fuck up some other world and take their planet and call it our own.

I’d like to go a little further and a little weirder…

Mars is a terrestrial planet with an atmosphere, having surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters of the Moon and the volcanoes, valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps of Earth. The rotational period and seasonal cycles of Mars are also likewise similar to those of Earth, as is the tilt that produces the seasons. Somewhat seems like what could have once been a capable and in-habitable planet. Whats to say, we as humans once lived and breathed on Mars? Whats to say there isn’t life still buried on the Red Planet? So I propose to you this…

We are a vastly developing species. Rapidly advancing in technology and intelligence. Imagine if we’ve been through this cycle before, we killed our planet like we are currently and invaded Earth. A tactical plan to erase the dominate species, the dinosaurs and once we were ready we slowly inhabited Earth. Breeding with what was left, Monkeys etc therefore leading to our evolution of what we are today.

If evolution is real, then are we still evolving? Or are their other life forms among us, that breed with us and we don’t even know it? Why haven’t dinosaurs been able to re-evolve? If evolution is real then surely that it’s possible…

Maybe we have been here all along, visiting this planet and studying it’s evolution for millions of years (I’ll write about this topic another time)… We will never truly know the answer. I sincerely hope someone, somehow knows. And it’s likely somewhere on this planet or on another that there is someone who does…


Have you ever wondered why we, human being’s have this certain degree of intelligence? Why we can apparently use certain parts and or percentages of our brain and other parts are scientifically impossible to access? Why are we even here in the first place? Are we even here? Where the fuck are we from? Did we evolve from monkey’s? Did we blow the Dinosaurs to smithereens? The Egyptians are aliens! You catch my drift…

Basically every weird thought,  bizarre theory and story tells us that really anything is possible. I mean we thought of it, so why can’t it be real?

Logical thinking is a waste of time. Logical thinking with an open mind, can change your life.