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The Simpsons didn’t predict the future… They were warning us

What if all along the future has been planned for us? Our paths aren’t a result of how we react to situations as we are always falling back into the routine that’s been set for us. There’s people with the wealth and the knowledge but aren’t subject to reveal that they know of these plans. Unless they are subliminally predicting and warning the public through popular media outlets, such as the greatest cartoon of all time “The Simpsons”.

The Simpsons have been running on our screens for over 25 years now and in their time our favourite yellow family have predicted the future several times. That surely cannot be fucking coincidence? Either creator Matt Greoning is the mastermind behind all the fucking madness that goes on in this world or he is aware of what and who plan the tragedies that have been displayed in his cartoons. Either way they cannot be ignored. Warning signs were there, and still may continue in episodes to come.

Perfect examples include the Ebola Virus pandemic, 9/11 Attack and America taking war to Syria are just naming a few of somewhat freaky coincidences that happened years later in real life!

 There’s plenty of articles that can prove these claims but 99% of them are referring to them as predictions. The purpose of this writing is that I’m implying that The Simpsons were trying to warn the public. Whether it being Greoning, George Bush, S Club 7 or fucking Oprah, someone knew that these events would one day take place being planned on the calendar for years. The best outlet to warn us was through The Simpsons. Genius really! 
drawing credit of Bart Simpson: