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Real Dreams!

You know when you have that dream and you wake up thinking that it actually happened but it couldn’t have right? It was just a dream. What if those dreams aren’t just dreams but are gateways to parallel universes? Seeing into the future? etc. I’m talking crazy weird stuff right now but if in this reality that we are currently in acting why is it that when we have these realistic dreams we wake up feeling as though it really happened. I believe that they do…

About this time a year ago I experienced dreams that were very real. These dreams would carry on and pick up where they left off from the night of dreaming before. It was an altered but similar life I was living. Working in a hotel, working with the same people, in a city that looked similar but was laid out a little different. What freaked me out the most was that literally every night for that week I would have those dreams, but they weren’t dreams of crazy shit we usually come up with, they were as if I was acting out my daily tasks and routine till I would wake… Who’s to say my mind was in deep control of itself and I managed to visit an alternative version of my life? A parallel universe? The reason I’m flipping out about it is that it wasn’t like “my mum was there but it wasn’t really my mum, like she had three noses and she was a man” etc everyone in the dream were themselves, no one acted differently. The only thing that was different was the city and the hotel. Like I couldn’t imagine and build this amazing city from scratch, which to this date I think I dreamt enough of it to navigate my way around it. It was beautiful. The sky scraping CBD on the edge of a road that ran adjacent to the bellowing, powerful ocean. A massive ferris wheel glowing in the nights rain and the cloud touching hotel, with the top floors in-complete, shadowing the esplanade and tiny markets below. I couldn’t just create a city I’ve never been to, dream of it every night for a week and it remain the exact same could I? I would literally look forward to going to bed and hope that I’d visit this life. It was really, literally, blowing my mind!!!

The dreams all of a sudden stopped when my routine changed and I began doing different things. Normal dreams and nights just occurred for at least another year, till literally a week ago…I was walking the markets on a rainy humid evening, under the shadows of the hotel and over cover of shops in a city that looked extremely familiar. All I was doing was walking. Hands in my black overcoat, getting pelted with rain towards an enormous house that situated at the end of the road by the ocean. It all seemed far too familiar. The house is hard to remember. Its a different vision to how the other ones are from these dreams. It’s almost as if I wasn’t meant to see it. And in the other dreams I had never walked along the water to this house, never seen it before. Lit up by a massive flood light with colourful roofing, red, pink, white and brown. With a massive orange drive way and a big black Chrysler out the front, parked in the port cochere. No lights were on in the house and this is the last vision I remember. The dream didn’t last long. And it was the only one I’d had that was similar to the week long dream I had a year earlier. Was my brain trying to tell me something? Was it warning me? Was it time travel? I have no fucking clue! What I do know is it wasn’t a dream. Whether it be the being I am right now writing this, or whether it’s an alternative me who knows. I strongly believe it’s more than just “standard thoughts”.

What happens to us when we are sleeping? We are literally engulfed into a world where the only thing we see is what our mind projects. Our eyes are not open, and we are not physically awake. We are a lot smarter then we know. The access to learning more about our brains and the knowledge lies only within ourselves. In our dreams.

Surely I’m not the only person to think that there is more to these dreams and or the only one who has experienced this? I’ve tried to visit this again to try and find answers but it has never worked. There needs to be a purpose and explanation. (I do not take drugs and I am completely sane).

If it is true and plain black and white that we are here alive in this world once until we die, then so be it. I refuse to believe that once we die that’s it. We are more then just a physical being. What goes on in our brains when we sleep is surely a small gateway to what we are truly capable of.

Lucid dreaming, yes is a factual thing. To be in a lucid state and dream though you have to be aware that you are in fact in that dream. In these “real” dreams I’ve experienced I was not aware it was a dream till I woke the next day. Confused by my surroundings for a moment till I moved around and functioned a bit. Was almost as if I was intruding my current state. Or is this my current state? Was I living my true state in my dreams? It’s all very interesting and I hope to have more of these “Real Dreams” soon!


The Simpsons didn’t predict the future… They were warning us

What if all along the future has been planned for us? Our paths aren’t a result of how we react to situations as we are always falling back into the routine that’s been set for us. There’s people with the wealth and the knowledge but aren’t subject to reveal that they know of these plans. Unless they are subliminally predicting and warning the public through popular media outlets, such as the greatest cartoon of all time “The Simpsons”.

The Simpsons have been running on our screens for over 25 years now and in their time our favourite yellow family have predicted the future several times. That surely cannot be fucking coincidence? Either creator Matt Greoning is the mastermind behind all the fucking madness that goes on in this world or he is aware of what and who plan the tragedies that have been displayed in his cartoons. Either way they cannot be ignored. Warning signs were there, and still may continue in episodes to come.

Perfect examples include the Ebola Virus pandemic, 9/11 Attack and America taking war to Syria are just naming a few of somewhat freaky coincidences that happened years later in real life!

 There’s plenty of articles that can prove these claims but 99% of them are referring to them as predictions. The purpose of this writing is that I’m implying that The Simpsons were trying to warn the public. Whether it being Greoning, George Bush, S Club 7 or fucking Oprah, someone knew that these events would one day take place being planned on the calendar for years. The best outlet to warn us was through The Simpsons. Genius really! 
drawing credit of Bart Simpson: